Thursday, August 19, 2010

And how is Bunnyphant?

Bunny's urine actually cleared up the very next day after he was given the medication.  His urine was pale yellow (no traces of blood at all) and his urination was normal too.  He is still on medication now, and the vet hopes his "recovery" is not just a suppression of the symptoms because of the medicine (especially the steroids).  The real test comes when he finishes all his medicines.  If there is no relapse, we can all heave a big relief. 

Bunny was on steroids for only 3 days.  It has now been replaced by a papaya enzyme which is very mild.  His other medication is the Baytril (antibiotic) and Gluocosamine. 

My sneezing colony has almost stopped sneezing except for the occasional "tishoo!".  The sneezing by the other 5 cats only lasted for about 3-4 days.  It stopped on its own, helped by the Vetri DMG, of course. 

It's been very hectic with a total of 6 sneezing cats.  Glad that's over now (keeping fingers crossed).  

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