Monday, August 2, 2010


Poor little Bunny...

He started sneezing last night.  We kept him warm by giving him towels to lie on, but it looked like he had caught the sniffles.

I consulted the vet today, and he said it is to be expected due to Bunny's compromised immune system.  I asked if I should give him any medication.  The vet said since Bunny is already on two antibiotics, he does not want to pump Bunny with more medication.  So he told me to just give him the "salt-water treatment". 

What I needed to do is to drop warm salt water into Bunny's nostrils about 5-6 times a day.  The salt serves as a natural antiseptic and it would make him sneeze to clear his nose. 

Drop salt water into his nostrils???

"Yes, play with him, and do it in between, then continue playing with him," said the vet.

I thought it was going to be a battle....or a near-impossibility. 

So far, we have managed to do it twice, and it hasn't been so bad, really.  

Of course Bunny didn't quite like it, but he did not put up any fierce fight.  And he also did not run off after the treatment.     

Here's Bunny-Pink-Nose right after the salt-water treatment just now.

I hope this treatment would help relieve his sniffles. 

At a glance, doesn't he remind you of a famour reindeer?

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Singapore Community Cats said...

Try nebulizer with saline. Less traumatic.
Have the nebulizer in a cage with Bunny in it and cover the cage with a cloth to keep the nebulized saline in.