Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 animals spayed at Papa Meow's sanctuary

Papa Meow and his brother, Thalhah, are animal rescuers (cats AND dogs) - another shining example for all of us to emulate. 

He has a blog which is very popular:

Yesterday, we sponsored the spaying of Papa Meow's 1 dog and 7 female cats (all rescued), all done at Klinik Kembiri.

I'm always so thankful whenever rescuers get their cases done at Klinik Kembiri because it helps us save so much and this enables us to stretch our funds and help more animals. 

The rates at Klinik Kembiri is the lowest in the Klang Valley and they do a very good job.  It's located at DBKL in Setapak.  If you can send your rescues there to get them spayed-neutered, as long as they are rescued strays, I'll be most happy to reimburse you (depending on availability of funds) if you give me the receipts and photographs of each animal.   

The dog.

The 7 female cats.

One cat appears to be blind in one eye?

More cats.

Please note that there is a message in Papa Meow's blog that says:

Ini blog berkenaan haiwan terbiar yang ada dalam jagaan Papa Meow. Tapi ini bukan pusat jagaan haiwan ye. Papa meow hanya menjaga setakat yang ada sekarang tapi tidak lagi mampu menerima yang baru. Jangan hantar lagi ye, terima kasih.
Translated, it means Papa Meow does not run a "shelter".  He is a rescuer and these are all his rescued animals.  He doesn't have the resources to take in other rescues anymore, so please do not send anymore animals to him. 
The same goes for Meiji's sanctuary too.  I heard from Meiji that people even deposit money into her bank account under the pretext of giving a "donation", then they insist that she takes in their rescues.  Meiji has since returned all such "donations" which come with a motive.  She already has 125 dogs now.  PLEASE do not send anymore dogs to her. 
We hope that people respect the fact that many rescuers have no more resources to take in other rescues as their houses/sanctuaries are already full. 
See why we promote CNRM? 


Devi Narayanan said...

I understand rescuers plight too. They are keen to help strays but they may not have a proper place to place them or proper people to look after them. Public awareness is the best solution to this issue. These rescuers may not understand the dilemna we are going thru. We have to make them understand our difficulties in caring for our family and strays as well & cant succeed in our mission in helping strays without their help too.

AlCa@nte97 said...

Thank you Dr Chan sponsored spaying cost for papa meow cats.

Thank you so much..

from silent reader

bigben said...

Thank God Dr Chan, we have kind souls like you on this planet. I always remind Animal Lovers, if you love them, make sure you care for them because once these Humans get bored they simply dump the animals they once LOVED...

marina anakcikbob said...

thank you very much Dr. Chan for being so kind to animals n helping Papa Meow in any ways. may God bless on you..